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When I stopped judging myself magic began to happen.

Visit and subscribe to my new blog called “Blog for Women Over 50”. I was at the YMCA working out the other morning on one of the machines.  It had been a few years since I had been and … Continue reading

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Passion for life is a choice

As the winter months finally wind down and the sun is staying longer in the sky, we are having the last few cold weeks as we move into March.  I am excited once again and feel rejuvenated by the longer days.  … Continue reading

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“Whole food”; A sweeter and juicer life!

I am often perplexed by the term “whole food”.  We hear it a lot now in dieting ads, it certainly is advocated in many medical conditions and overall we understand this to be a much healthier choice. Yet I wonder … Continue reading

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Following Our Dreams, One Step at a Time.

Often we are stuck in our lives because we are afraid to take action towards a dream.   There is a wonderful quote by Confucius (551-479 BCE), “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in getting up every time … Continue reading

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My extra weight has been a great teacher.

Being overweight my whole adult life has taught me allot about self-acceptance. My weight has been teaching me so much about life and self-love and I have no doubt what so ever when the lessons I need are finished I … Continue reading

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“This is mine” or “I belong to this”

Two distinct ways of seeing our world.  I read an amazing book each day called “The Book of Awakening” by Mark Nepo.  He spoke of this duality this week.  I thought of so many ways in which we get caught up … Continue reading

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Relationships can be the greatest mirrors for seeing ourselves.

We often find ways to blame others for our unhappiness in life for it can be and often will be difficult at times.  The most obvious place is to blame those who are the closest to us that have hurt us … Continue reading

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Quantum leap in consciousness for my birthday gift to me! :)

About 3 weeks ago I woke suddenly about 5 am and jumped out of bed with an urgency I did not understand at first.  I went outside and stood in my bare feet in my PJS and looked around me as … Continue reading

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Compassionate wise questions can lead us too freedom.

I have been writing my memoir lately.  It has been quite a cathartic exercise for sure.  I highly recommend it to anyone.  I chose at this time in my life to write it from an observer and not a victim … Continue reading

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The dandilion’s message of renewal!

“It’s a new dawn, a new day and a new life” I cannot get that song out of my mind this morning.  It speaks of the promise of renewal each and every day! That is what I feel every spring. I … Continue reading

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