My name is Joyce Boudreau and I received my certification through the JFK University in 2007 at the Ford Institute in California in three models of coaching; The Best Year of Your Life; Blueprint; and Spiritual Divorce. The Ford Institute was founded by New York bestselling author Debbie Ford

I have a Diploma in Ministry from St. Francis Xavier University.  I also completed an in-depth course called Psychology of Eating taught by author Marc David founder of the Institute for the Phycology of Eating.  Most recently I have published my autobiography in a book titled Beloved Daughter  that is available now in an electronic version at eBookit Click here  to read more about the book Click here

I am 52 years old and beleive this is the best time of my life! I live in Nova Scotia Canada with my husband.  My  passion is creating a safe, compassionate space where I guide women back to living life more authentically and fully present.  Being coached myself created more meaningful relationships with my family and community, it provided a space for me to get out of my own way and see past my “perceived limitations.  This is what inspired me to study and offer this process to others.

I love walking on the beach, gardening, wild crafting local medicinal herbs, watching sunsets and sunrises, the crisp fresh morning air, the sounds and sights of nature.  Outside is where I constantly finds metaphors for life.  I am very connected and inspired by the plant world.  I am  the proud mom of two amazing grown men, and three daughters by osmosis and a grandmother of 7.

Life is so much more sweeter now that I have found peace from my past and I want to teach and inspire women my age to find their true north!  We are meant to be in the prime of our lives, let us inspire each other to live it fully!

My greatest credential is that I am willing to walk the talk, not perfectly as Michael J. Fox says

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection, Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business”.

God Bless, 


my webpage www.sacredsharing.ca

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13 Responses to About

  1. Marilyn Rowe says:

    Hi beautiful lady!!
    Your site is very pretty and AWESOME! Great job!

    I am now wanting your granola recipe! I have been eating like a teenager again – and I want not only to get back on track but to go beyond again in eating even more healthily – for my kids as well! Gotta be the example… so I’ll start with your granola recipe! I am also going to see a nutritionist and eat more raw and whole… which reminds me I had found a couple of new raw and vegetarian ‘cooking’ schools – thanks for the reminder to do that!

    So, how is the gardening and herbalism going? This is not something I am ready for! Hmmm… actually I would like to make a small garden in pots on my balcony – any suggestions? you are inspiring me!

    may i suggest finding out about RSS feeds (I did not check well if you already have on your site) so that people can click and receive your postings automatically OR I think you can use them to jsut remind people to visit your site, or little reminders for daily or weekly or monthly actions – I am just learning about them and getting my site going.

    Ciao for now bella! keep inspiring! hope the coaching is bringing you all kinds of abundance! Namasté, Marilyn in Montreal!

    • Hey dear Marilyn!

      I am so excited to hear from you! I firmly believe we are here to inspire each other!

      I ran to the kitchen to get my granola recipe and my book is missing but no worries I will find it and send it along! One of my favorites. I used to make it for my sons when they were little!

      Good for you for wanting to get back on track. I get derailed every now and then and find my way back aboard the train! 🙂

      I went 100% raw a year 1/2 ago when I became really ill with a chest infection. It was wonderful as a cleanse, I eventually felt I had to introduce cooked food again. I listened to my body I went to about 60 % raw. I honestly believe the individual answers for each of us are in our own bodies!

      As far a gardening, putting a couple of tomatoes plants in pots on your balcony would be fun! It is getting kind of late in the season for tomatoes but if you can find plants that are really large and in bloom you may be ok! They need full sun if possible and a cage wire to hold them up and a good organic feritlizer (you can buy these at any garden center)
      Also plant some leaf lettuce in a long tray on your balcony and have lettuce all summer. It grows really fast.
      You just cut it off at the roots when it is large enough to eat and it will continue to keep growing! SO fun!

      I do not think I have a RSS feed so I will check into this! Thanks.

      Stay in touch!
      lots of love Joyce

    • PS Dear Marilyn

      If you leave a comment at the bottom there is a place for you to check to get updates of my posts automatically! I learned somthing new today!! Thanks

      Have a great day!! 🙂

  2. Artrell says:

    Thanks alot – your answer solved all my prolebms after several days struggling

  3. Arletta says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it!
    — Arletta


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