My name is Joyce Boudreau, I am a retired Integrative Life Coach. 

I am 61 years old woman who has lived long enough to know that there is way more to learn about myself and our world. I have not been coaching for several years due to health issues. I hope to be coaching again in the fall. 

I am a partner to a dear man I have been in love with and married to for over 41 years; we have 2 sons, 3 daughters of the heart, 1 son of the heart, and 14 grandchildren! I am blessed; indeed, I love them all dearly. I have an incredibly supportive and caring women’s group which has been a part of my life for over 25 years. As the years have gone by in my life, I have been blessed by deep friendships with people who are seekers. 

I need lots of time in silence. I love all of these things, yet I do not do or listen to them enough! Prayer, qigong, yoga, sappy movies, dancing, writing, cooking, and a cup of hot herb tea with a delicious organic chocolate bar. I love listening to songbirds in the morning, the wind in the trees, peepers at dusk, and the sound of the ocean surge as it sends waves to the shore. I also love the sound of laughter as I don’t do it nearly enough; I am doing my best not to take myself too seriously these days, to laugh more at the obscurity of my life that is most of my own doing and life in general.

During the pandemic I fell in love with writing after I joined beautiful writers group on Zoom called Soulo https://www.soulo.ca/. I have found my voice again through this fantastic course during the pandemic. Developed by award-winning performer and playwright Tracey Erin Smith. Tracey helps her participants to write their stories in innovative and creative ways. It unlocked some of my old stories and helped me rewrite my narrative again. This is part of the reason for starting to blog again.

I have been on an evolving sacred journey of self-discovery for most of my adult life. This journey has had many ebb and flows of discovery, pain and healing. I have been unable to do anything perfectly so I have given that up and decided instead to just do my best and be authentic as possible. 

I call myself an everyday mystic. This is not a lofty or grandiose term; it simply means I am an very ordinary person who has been searching my whole life, even as a child, for a deeper, more meaningful spiritual life. I have also heard this term “everyday mystic” as living an exceedingly ordinary life in extraordinary ways. This is a work in progress; as I have discovered, life is unpredictable and messy at times, but I do my best to live one day at a time and learn new lessons as I go.  

I am a compulsive emotional eater who is working towards recovery with the help of Over Eaters Anonymous. I am curious, complicated, passionate, caring, empathetic, both impatient and patient {depending on the day 🙂 } mostly an introvert who is constantly evolving even though some days I resist. I continue to grow, learn, forgive myself and others, heal and hopefully, most days, get over myself long enough to see the beauty in the world and others and awaken to more love and gratitude for my life. ❤

I any of this sounds inviting, join my in my Everyday Mystic Memoir reflections and the lessons I learn along the way. I also love to write about people who have influenced my life in profound ways who have also taught me great lessons.  Lastly any lessons I teach or write about are only lessons I need to be reminded of more often.  



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