What Joyce’s Clients are Saying

The process of shadow coaching has truly been a path of self-discovery for me; a type of self discovery that has gently uncovered my hidden beliefs and life patterns and how these aspects have influenced my life. During the sessions with Joyce, I have learned to understand these. By nature of awareness, I have adopted lifestyle changes that truly support the woman that I am. Now that I know how to see myself differently, I can apply this awareness to all parts of my life and this continues long after the coaching process has ended. Joyce has given me a special skill of insight which I will benefit from for the rest of my life. Joyce is a remarkable woman and coach with tremendously deep insight and she has the skill and passion to be able to share it. Thank you, Joyce, my friend and coach. …………….Dianne Doucet Murray Nova Scotia Canada

“I have always taken pride in who I am and what I have achieved in life…however, I also acknowledge that there were many gray (and sometimes dark) areas that held me back from truly celebrating and honouring my uniqueness.   With Joyce as my life coach I experienced a true paradigm shift that forever altered how I view myself and my world. With Joyce’s gentle guidance, genuine warmth and deep commitment to her profession, she provided a pathway to a higher level of understanding while clearly communicating that the choices along the path were all mine. I completed the Blueprint Coaching sessions with a renewed passion for my chosen career, a deeper commitment to personal self care, and a profound sense of gratitude for having the opportunity to be coached by such a gifted person. Thank you for the most incredible journey of my life … the journey inward! Bless you Joyce!!……..Paulette Sweeney-Goodwin, Nova Scotia Canada

“So much of my life has changed since Joyce has become part of it.  I could go on about the 10 pounds I’ve lost.  About how my relationships have dramatically improved.  How I have more patience and experience more joy every day.  How I traded in daydreaming for living my dreams, taking massive action for the first time in my life to pursue my life’s
calling.  I could even talk about my bad days.  How I’m okay having them, allowing them to teach instead of torture.  How my thinking is clearer, my heart more open, my actions more forgiving.  Many beautiful changes.  But all of that growth stems from one life-changing  message.  Something you hear all your life, but don’t know quite how to
live or believe.  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz had Glynda the Good Witch.
I have Joyce Boudreau.  Touching my life with her magic wand until I somehow started to believe the message, too.  The message that…. I always had the power. Dorothy had to tap her heels three times.  Joyce has other ways, no less powerful than the ruby shoes.
And before you know it, after a life of seeking and searching, you find your way home. The place you were meant to be, but somehow couldn’t get to on your own.  I’m in that place, thanks to Joyce, my Glynda, my friend and without question the best life coach from Pittsburgh to Oz.” …… Betsy Fitzpatrick  Pennsylvania USA

“Having Joyce as a coach is a profound experience because in her wisdom she helped me go searching within to find mine.  She challenged me to go to a place of quiet where I replaced worry with love and gratitude.  She led me to understand why we need to set goals and create timelines to fulfill those goals.  Her gentleness and her firmness has opened a window and fresh air is flowing through my soul.”  ………. Joan Paquette   Nova Scotia Canada

“Even elite athletes have coaches, so why shouldn’t I have a coach for the most important thing – my life? The coaching sessions are providing me with the tools to have the best possible life I can. The sessions help me develop and learn to use the tools to the best of my ability in my everyday life. I am learning to ask the right questions and to dig deep within myself to find the answers”….,,Wanda L Cann   Nova Scotia Canada

 Having gone through The Blueprinting process with Joyce has been a life changing experience. I have had an issue with self-sabotage for many years. When I tried to focus on  goals I would eventually find a way to abandon them or become so distracted I could not complete them. I often beat myself up mentally for being so incompetent. Even when I managed to complete something it was never good enough. I have discovered though the coaching how my original blueprint was influenced by core beliefs I took on as a child. Beliefs about who I was and who I had to be in order to be loved and accepted. These beliefs colored my self-image and confidence. Dealing with these beliefs meant coming face to face with who I am and who I am not. It wasn’t an easy process but it has been a powerful one. I was able to go to that dark place of fear and shame and make peace with a part of myself that I had long been avoiding, uncover pain that had been buried and discover a strength I did not know. I now know what it means to feel comfortable in one’s own skin. When we decide to stay with the process and do the work required we can mine the wisdom buried in our pain. What makes such a journey bearable is having a guiding light that makes us feel safe. Joyce has been  that light for me. Joyce’s support though  intuitive guidance, holding me accountable for my own process and celebrating with me as I uncovered new insights made this process a “wonder” filled experience. “ …… Esther Frances Saulnier    Nova Scotia

“For most of my life I lived with the belief that I was not “enough”.  My actions, attitude and decisions were all guided by this belief.  In what I can only describe as the most safe, encouraging environment, Joyce coached me through this abyss and I came out a different woman. What was the most difficult?  Being honest with myself.  For far too long I had made excuses and pretended all was okay.  In the most amazing process I have ever undergone, Joyce guided me with the most extreme care and compassion, towards being totally honest with myself.  Never have I ventured so deep into my heart.  Never have I come face to face with those parts of me that have, indeed, made me who I am.  Now instead of fighting off those inner parts of me that I considered unacceptable, I have embraced them as part of who I am, and that makes me a complete, beautiful woman.   I now understand “me”.  And… I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH. Looking back, I am reminded that these doors to the deepest parts of my heart could have remained locked for a long time.  It was only with a willing heart and the safe, gentle manner by which Joyce guided me that those doors were opened.  Thank you Joyce, for being the instrument through which I found ME.” ……….Pam Mood   Nova Scotia  Canada

“Sometimes you meet someone who truly makes a difference in your life, someone who is genuine and speaks from the heart.  Joyce was to me a beacon of light which shined brightly and lead me to find happiness again and self-worth.  I now walk straighter and prouder because of the journey which Joyce led me through.  People say I look younger these days and what’s my secret.  I know that it is only the smile on my face and the happiness that radiates from my soul.  I wish I could wrap Joyce up and give her to all my friends as she truly is a treasure!”……..Janine Doucet Nova Scotia Canada

I had the honor and the privilege to be coached by Joyce Boudreau at a pivotal time in my life.  I reached out to Joyce for coaching shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer – I needed support and guidance to understand what this “dis-ease” was here to teach me instead of being filled with fear and disempowerment.  Joyce was an amazing coach and guide as I explored the shadow of cancer and the underlying vulnerability that I couldn’t be with since my mom died of cancer when I was 19.  Joyce was ruthlessly compassionate with me as a coach – holding me accountable for staying in the listening of me and my needs during this time and supporting me in identifying patterns that no longer served me.  She was masterful at asking questions that literally “stopped me in my tracks” on how I perceived something and then supported me in seeing and embracing more empowering interpretations.  Through Joyce’s coaching, I was able to know the true strength of vulnerability and to lovingly ask my family and friends for the support I needed.   Joyce truly guided me to my soul’s healing as I stepped into a new level of vibrancy in all aspects of my life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – and I will be forever grateful to her!  …….Kathy Zehringer  Colorado USA




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