Passion for life is a choice

As the winter months finally wind down and the sun is staying longer in the sky, we are having the last few cold weeks as we move into March.  I am excited once again and feel rejuvenated by the longer days.  I am starting to think about planting my tomatoes plants and dreaming about summer days collecting wild herbs, jumping into the wonderful waters of the Atlantic Ocean and working in my hothouse with the unmistakable sweet aroma of mother earth.  Spring always creates a stir in me.  Not only do I want to plant seeds but to cultivate new things in my life!

One of the things I love to do is walk and I have been pretty regular this winter (in my sneakers no less, very unusual to have hardly any snow here!!)  I do a lot of thinking along my path and I have come to realize how little time lately I have allowed for inner reflection and journaling.  Inner reflection always gives way to inspiration for me.  I have decided to take extra time in the mornings to be still, to write down my thoughts in a journal and let my thoughts wander freely.  I have also incorporated back into my daily practice qigong and yoga.  Both of these practices are waking me up from a winter sludge I felt I was in.

I get caught up in the stress of life sometimes and forget to dream.  Since restarting I am excited again.  This is a wonderful reminder of the commitment I made to myself on my last birthday to not forget the passion I have for life!  Now is a perfect time to renew and reboot my juices and get fully back into this adventure.

What daily practice can you introduce today to reboot your passion for life? It really is a choice that we get to make every day, in every moment.  We can choose to be awake and present to each moment.   How can you cultivate yourself for new inner growth this spring? In this moment what will you choose?

Want inspiration? Simply look at how children live life and get a perfect reflection living and loving each moment.

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