“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire!”Saint Catherine of Siena

I heard this wonderful quote this week on TV watching the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.  How fitting that these words would be part of the homily in their ceremony.  Even as we come together in marriage we are still individuals with gifts and talents that are meant to be brought into this world.  Yes having a supportive and loving partner can mirror who we are but we still have 100% responsibility individually to be all of who we are meant to be.   

We get caught up in life from time to time, we get so busy that we lose ourselves in others and in life and then forget that there is something very unique in all of us.  This uniqueness needs time to be nourished and fed in order for it to be brought into the world.  We need time to feed our body, mind and our souls.  This opens us up and creates the desire to move in the directions of our dreams.  It gives us the time to reboot and replenish our energy so that we can go back out into the world with that fire to make change and be in service to others.  

I know for me when I do this I have that fire! There is something that wells up inside that I cannot put into words.  Last summer I spent a lot of time in nature gathering wild herbs ,walking in the warm sun and cool breeze of the ocean.   It nourished me in ways that nothing else can for me.  I was very present in my body and nourished my cells with amazing herbal infusions and fresh veggies from local gardeners and from my own hothouse.  I had the most productive and creative summers in a very long time because of this and this wonderful quote from Saint Catherine reminded me.  It felt like I was setting the world on fire.  That fire came first from within and then spread out into the world.

Over this past winter I lost sight of this fire by letting those things that most nourish me to be set aside by all too often using the old excuse “not having enough time” or worse forgetting or plain indifference .  Of course this leads me to a place of self-pity and frustration at times and little by little I was doing very little of those things that fuel my fire.  Within a few short months my fire went from a roaring bomb fire to a small flicker!  The change in us can be so subtle unless we are diligent about this inner flame it will go down to nothing more than a small spark. This spring I have chosen to once again each day fuel my inner flame and I feel that I am waking up that fire again.  I have to remind myself everyday that it is a choice. 

I invite all of us to find out what fuels our inner flame and make a commitment each and everyday to keep adding that fuel.  Remember unless we take care of our emotional, physical and spiritual health we soon find ourselves burnt out caring for others.  As one of my favourite authors Iyanla Vanzant says “Who we are is so is important to God, Who you are is so vitally important to life and to God that you owe it to yourself to take care of you.  To give yourself, to nurture, support and care for yourself before you attempt to nurture support or care for others.  All you desire to be…to give… to do… cannot and will not happen unless you take radically good care of yourself”

Take care of your inner fire and then go out and set the world on fire with your life!!

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