Hint of things to come!

Last night around 6:30pm I realized that it was still light out! I got so excited as I know that although it is still very cold (-7) spring is coming!  Also in the past couple of weeks I have noticed the flower and veggie seeds out for purchase! As an avid gardener these two signs literally give way to a shift for me inside.  I found this winter even though it was not long we had a lot less sun than last winter and I have felt down inside a bit more than usual.  

I love the seasons and have shared how I follow their rhythm inward on a spiritual journey more and more as I get older.  Winter is a time of contemplation, a time to slow down and be still more. A time of reflection and introspection.  Spring for me is a time I feel an awakening, a time to start to till the soil of my life getting it ready for new seeds in the form of new plans for myself; it is time to step out of my comfort zone by taking action steps and for me this is with health and well-being and my career.  Both of these are my main focus at this time in my life.  

My health is the number one primary goal for without my health everything else I want to achieve is not possible.  I am refocusing my life back to the things of love in body work.  Qi Gong, yoga, walking in nature, eating more alive food!! I have been all over the place this winter and my body feels very sluggish because of lack of routine and consistency.

Also I feel so blessed to have been trained to bring this extraordinary work in this world.  As I lead others on their transformational journey I am constantly being reminded of my own.  When I hold others to their highest I have their mirror to remind me of the same. I will refocus my efforts to bring this work to my community for I have witnessed the lives of others and myself change in magical amazing ways!

Let the hint of spring be a catalyst to make changes that will refocus us in ways that will help us and others live life to our fullest.   Change can be frightening but without it we will never know just how much we are capable of or how glorious our lives can be!

I will end with a couple of quotes from Mahatma Gandhi that always inspire me.

“You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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