“Mountain out of a Mole Hill”

Remember this quote that some of us heard as a child and maybe even passed on to our children.  In early childhood sometimes it is to hard to process painful situations no matter how small or large. So as children even those times when a simple disappointment might send us into drama overload! 

It is very apparent today that many of us adults have that same tendency. We are still sweating the small stuff!  During a few days of the month I still find myself standing by these mole hills that I could simply stepped over but I still insist these little hills are way to big to climb and have to make sure everyone around me knows. 🙂

Just recently 2 more of our friends have been struck down with very serious illnesses, one with cancer and another with a heart attack.  This is becoming too common among our friends and family yet it serves as another reminder that until we have an actual mountain to climb breath in deep when we feel over whelmed by life’s little challenges.  Mountains are hard enough to climb and we need our strength and faith to reach the summit and back down!  For now step over the mole hills and see them for what they are.  Laugh at yourself when you feel these tendencies to fall into drama over them.   Stressing out over the little stuff only serves to weaken our immune system and make those around us unhappy. 

Find ways to laugh this week when ever you find yourself taking life to serious and realize your mountain will come soon enough so “Don’t make mountains out of mole hills” Step over them and laugh!  

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