Simple pleasures of life!

Winter is here finally, the first part of January was odd to say the least with some days with the temperature as high as 15 C.  Now the normal -15 C makes more sense.  Although I have learned only in the most resent years to love winter as an adult this winter is beginning to slip back a bit to old memories of dislike.  It is not about the cold temperatures or the snow but it is about how little sun we have had all winter.  This begins to get me down.  I am sure I suffer a bit from SAD.  One of the things I have on hand and will start taking is Saint John’s Wort tincture, the sunshine herb. What is so special is that I gathered the flowers and made it this summer.  The tincture reminds me of summer and all the bright sunshine we had.  

Simple special memories are wonderful things when we anchor them in with being really present to them.  My mentor Debbie Ford speaks of this and how important it is to stop periodically during our day to breathe in the simple pleasures of life.  I must admit I am not always diligent at this but today as I remember just how present I was to Mother Earth last summer when I gathered herbs and walked barefoot each day helps me on days like today when I am a bit blue.   I was so present to those moments I can actually relive the feelings I felt.  Feelings of contentment, such an inner peace that was indescribable! I remember the warm ocean breezes on my face and the smell of the salt air as it came in on the tide as I gathered rose hips.  I remember sitting on a huge cool rock under a very old large tree and feeling the cool shade it provided after gathering Yarrow and Saint John’s Wort flowers.  I remember the feel of how cool and velvety soft the grass was on my feet when I gathered Plantain off my lawn.  I remember hearing the birds waking up and smelling the morning air as I did Qi gong outside as the sun rose.  

Our brain is hard-wired to automatically anchor in the painful or more extreme pleasurable experiences but it is up to us to anchor in the simple special moments by doing something like stopping for just a couple of seconds and taking in a deep breath as you feel the pleasure of being alive!  This week as we have yet another snow storm my intension is to breathe in this side of Mother Nature also.   I will not be able to get to work tomorrow but I will sit down during the worst of the storm with a hot cup of herb tea and read a book.  Ahhhhh I am excited about the storm already.  I will have a peaceful day to anchor in to my simple pleasure library of memories.  See I have had a shift in my energy as I write this.  

Remember the more we anchor in the simple pleasures the more we have to  drawn on when we feel disconnected.  Make an intension for the coming days to be more mindful and present and be willing to take moments throughout your day to breathe in and anchor to your library of memories.

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