Celebrate this moment!

Lately all you hear is New Year resolutions.  Although I am sure that for some this is something that is powerful and life changing,  but for most of us though it becomes a quickly passing phase of regrets and “should ofs” or “could ofs” and so on.  Like the enviable“first thing Monday morning I will start …….”. 

Recently I was sent this wonderful message about instead of making new resolutions by wiping your slate clean take a moment of gratitude for the year.  Don’t be only grateful for all the wonderful things that is easy but also be grateful for all the hard things that taught us to be stronger to strive harder! Mostly be in deep gratitude for this “moment”.  The moment you are in right now as you read this! 🙂 

This really is the only thing that matters.  No matter what faith tradition you follow this message is at the center.  Take a deep breath and drink in that you are alive and that life is really full of possibilities !   

The strange paradoxical thing is that only when we are able to accept and love all of who we are and others in this moment can real change happen.  So for today practice gratitude, love and acceptance in the moment you are in and watch the magic happen!  This is your invitation to celebrate this moment  🙂

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