Get over yourself!

This holiday season I really over indulged much more this year then in past years.  Lots of reasons I found for doing this but mostly because I simply wanted to.  Much like a rebellious teenager I found myself eating chocolates and pastry and many many other goodies we associate with the Christmas season.  I have come to realize that my body cannot tolerate this kind of eating anymore and up until about 3 weeks ago I normally eat really well for the most part.  About a week ago though I found myself one morning in pain all over.  Every joint in my body hurt and I was exhausted!  I hit the preverbal tipping point of over indulgence!! Although I understand that to feel guilty is down right self destructive I found myself none the less feeling frustrated!  For many years my dear body held allot of extra weight and my joins took a beating.  Even though I have lost a good amount of weight I still find I cannot tolerate a lot of inflammatory foods such as sugar. (Which is a great thing for we really shouldn’t have it anyway! 🙂  I went into see my chiropractor for a much needed adjustment and she continued to chuckled as she commented on just how much my poor body was out of aliment!  She noticed my frustration and as always in her wonderful wit she told me to stop beating myself up over it.  She said “So what, you simply took a body vacation for Christmas and GET OVER YOURSELF! Get back on track and don’t look back!”  I love her wisdom and the humour she uses to impart it with.  I laughed all the way home, some body vacation, I am really glad to get back to work!!

As a coach I am hired to hold people accountable for the changes they want to make in their lives and feel so privileged and honoured to do so.  Times like this week I am humbled and reminded to practice what I preach and how important it is to not take ourselves to seriously even when we slip into not so healthy behaviour.  I took her council and within 2 days of eating cleaner and yoga I felt 90 % better, laughing at myself each time I think of her telling me the same thing I remind clients often to get over themselves!! Getting frustrated with ourselves only serves to make the problem or challenge bigger and therefore we get to play victim again and stay stuck in it.  I am so blessed that I have several close friends and a couple of amazing health practitioners that remind me of what I already know.  This is why we need each other in this world,  to be mirrors of recall when we forget!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! Make an intention this year to laugh more regret less and to get over yourself more often!!

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