“Every thought you have contributes to truth or illusion” Course of Miracles

I find myself at times struggling with thoughts about who I am or about others or even about events that are going on around me or in the world. I have come to understand for a long time now that I am not my thoughts. Our thoughts are just that, a creation of what has been long programmed throughout our lives. When we have the courage to become the observer of our thoughts we can find an amazing tool to recreate them and therefore our lives with endless possibilities. Our minds are so much like the computers of today. In an e-book called “Journaling for Self Empowerment” by John Robins I read that “we think 60,000 thoughts per day.” Most of these thoughts are the same thing over and over again just with different scenarios. We are programmed early on and most of that programming is not our own it has been passed down by many generations.

I have come to realize much of the limited thoughts I have about myself as a woman have been a reflection from gernerations of other woman. Women in my family, friends, society, the media,  all mirror what I am supposed to be as a woman.  These are often not very positive. There are such conflicting messages for girls and young women today. How do we begin this journey back to our authentic selves?

I believe the answer espeically in our part of the world where we have the freedom to make changes it begins with us.  It’s about no longer blaming or pointing a finger. I believe as a woman it is now time for me and others to contribute to the truth of who we are in this world. As women we need to first give ourselves permission to stand in our own truth by seeing our limiting thoughts for what they are… an illusion. This will set us free for new thoughts and therefore give each other a new mirror in which to see the true unique beautiful, creative and powerful women we all are. It is time now to let go of blame and anger and own our truth. We are all beloved powerful women of God with endless possibilities. We can be the teachers and healers we are by letting go of the generations of long-held limiting beliefs about what it is to be a woman.  Its time to mirror to each other how to be authentic by not letting our limiting thoughts define who we are.   As we do we can help to create the shift that is so necessary today for love to truly blossom in humanity.  Let us be the change and hold a different feminine mirror for all to see. Let us hold this mirror for the next generation of women so they can grow up knowing who they are and who they can be! That way we can all learn to partner with our dear men in a new and empowering way that is  equally respectful and that nourishes each other and our world.   Maybe if those of us who are free to do so change the mirror it will be so beautiful that all of humanity will reflect its beauty!!

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