Being Thankful for the Sacred Wisdom of our Bodies

Lately I have been in this wonderful place again where I am at peace with my body.  This is not always the case and I have learned to be much gentler when I am not.  However when I am here in this peaceful place I have learned to be open to what my body’s needs are about true health and wellness.


Thankfully there seems to be a shift in the world away from the concept of “dieting” and moving towards self acceptance and reconnecting to our body wisdom.  Many years ago over 15 year now I read a wonderful book called “Nourishing Wisdom by Mark David.  Although it took all these years later to implement a lot of the wisdom of this book at that time is when I decided to never “diet” again and have not.  Although I have had health issues which have caused me to eat differently at times such as all raw or vegetarian,  I realized that Marc’s message of our body’s need for different foods at different times for different reasons has become my way of life.   Much of my journey over especially the last 4 years in training to become a Life Coach helped me finally see how being overweight was a way to stay invisible to the world.  Most importantly also how food had become my way of not feeling my emotions when I was under any stress.  

I have discovered many beautiful aspects of myself doing Shadow work and one of the greatest gifts is how I have found ways to care for my body that I love doing that feel sacred!  I love yoga, qigong, walking in nature and others ways of moving my body.  Although this one I resist still at times I love when I consciously eat my food.  Food takes on a whole new vision when I do.  My body wakes up and I hear the messages of being full, really being hungry and when my body needs rest and so on.  Our bodies are made perfectly for the job of housing our soul.  When I listen really listen to my body I understand what I need to eat, how much I need to eat and just as important loving every single morsel.  

As we eat our thanks giving turkeys or vegetarian equivalent this weekend remind ourselves of the precious gift of our bodies.  How we can enjoy our meals together or alone by eating slow, consciously and without guilt.  Surprisingly when we do we eat less and come away with feeling of appreciation of our time of thanksgiving instead of some of the usual discomfort that comes from overeating that numbs the beauty of the moment.  

What can you do today that will help you be more conscious of your body’s wisdom and anchor in these precious moments of thanksgiving?

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2 Responses to Being Thankful for the Sacred Wisdom of our Bodies

  1. Marilyn Rowe says:

    Thanks Joyce!
    Blessings for the holiday weekend – and thank you for yours in this message! As I faced many stressful struggles this last year I fed my stomach nerves to apease them!! At least I was concious of doing it! that goes a long way in not adding guilt! haha! I figured it helped me through and it too would pass. I am just now and slowly getting back to giving my body some higher care. Your newsletter was a lovely explanation! Namaste, Marilyn in Montreal xx

    • Blessings to you and your family dear Marilyn. So nice to hear from you. I understand completely about feeding your stomach nerves :). Truely the gift is not feeding guilt with it! 🙂 Also how wonderful you are on the other side now able to give yourself higher care. Being present in our bodies for allot of us today is an on going journey, I know with each passing year this journey has opened up such beauty and healing for me. I relish these times where I am present in my body and thankfully I have less and less times when I am not. As you so wonderfully put it when we find ourselves disconnected just knowing that it will pass. I have learned the quicker I surrender my pain the faster I can finally hear what my body is trying to tell me so that I can heal. Enjoy your holiday! Take good care of yourself you are so worth it! We all are, we just need to remind each other of this from time to time! 🙂 Namaste xoxo

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