Harvest more for your life!

Lately as I notice the night air become cooler I begin to feel a shift in my soul.  I absolutely love the seasons.  In the fall I begin to feel a restlessness in me to find ways to harvest more from my life. Summer is a time when I slow down and enjoy a slower pace although I choose a much slower and contemplative life than most fall brings a need to begin new projects and set new goals for the coming months. 

I often have to remind myself that my life is of my own choosing and that to play full-out is something I tend to forget from time to time.  Fall always reminds me of harvest.  I live in a rural village where I love driving 5 mins to a wonderful orchard for fresh apples, plums and pears.  Also local farm markets are full of fresh veggies!  The colors, tastes, smells and richness of this season entices me to live life more fully.  Because I don’t play full-out at times, fall reminds me of another summer season that has come and gone and now it is time to harvest more from my life.   

I like to ask myself questions about what I can do to ramp up my passion for life.  I know in my heart that we only have this very moment and there are days when I spent way to much time planning and worrying about the future.  Interesting enough the more I surrender to the moment the more alive I feel. Also interesting enough I also know that in this moment is where I am inspired and new and exciting ideas are formed here.  

Fall is a time to remember that life goes by way to quickly and to harvest more from it sometimes means putting into practice those seeds of inspiration that we have long been tending.  Fall remind us of all that is available to us when we push past our comfort zone and harvest those new and exciting ideas by putting them into action.  As any good gardener knows that there is a time to harvest your crop before it rots! 🙂

What can you do to increase your passion for life?  Do something you have been thinking about that would light you up and fill your heart with joy!  Start that project that you have been thinking about all summer. ( or longer) Harvest your bliss!!

I invite all of us to harvest more from life!

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