Do you become a prisoner of your “Bad Moods”

It is amazing how quickly we can shift our feelings when we become more conscious of them.  So may of us go throughout the day slipping in and out of different kinds of “bad moods”.  We blame them on the weather, other people, health, our work or sometime we just accept them with no reason.  There was a time I thought once I was in a bad mood that was it for the rest of the day!

It has taken a few years but now I realize I have a choice and I am able to shift much of the time.  Mind you sometimes I am resistant to shifting because I am feeling quite justified to have this bad mood 🙂 but the truth is I still have a choice.  No one or no thing or circumstance can make us feel anything.  Our consciousness is made up of thoughts and beliefs and just like a computer we can reprogram our moods. We can choose to see our day through different filters. Of course many things can contribute to our moods, some very serious but for the most part we can choose to determine the outcome of our day by setting an intension to shift our “bad” moods when we are aware they are not serving ourselves or others.

Mind you sometimes I need  to give myself permission to have a pity party especially when I am really feeling out of sorts.  I will then use this time to either journal and uncover what part of me needs extra attention that day, or go walk on the beach and have a heart to heart with God.  Most importantly I work hard to not project it on others and I set a limited time when I need to shift out of it.    

Some of the things that work for me are calling a friend or listening to some uplifting music. Maybe even taking a 2 min dance break in my office works wonders.  Other times simply putting on a funny YouTube video can do it, but what mostly always works for me is stopping in the moment take a few deep breathes and reset my thoughts with new and empowering thoughts.  When it is more serious journaling can be a wonderful tool because our feelings are amazing clues to go deeper and see what needs our attention.  But the fact is that if we are willing shift or let our “bad moods” teach us, we can transform ourselves with new creative and new uplifting ideas and thoughts that can make our days a lot lighter for everyone!   

What can you do this week that will help you shift from your “bad” moods?

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3 Responses to Do you become a prisoner of your “Bad Moods”

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