Want to make healthier choices for your body? Start first with changing your thoughts

“We become what we think about” When is the last time you looked in a mirror and liked what you saw.  We often have this inner dialogue that sounds like “I look so fat” or “I am to thin” or “I hate my …..”  We use harsh words to describe this amazing vessel that we are so privileged to live in.  A lot of us cannot imagine at anytime looking at another person and repeating these harsh words yet we know this happens also. We judge ourselves by the standard of others not realizing when we do we are contributing to that standard.  Our thoughts even if they are not expressed outwards towards others are creating more and more of what we think about. 

If we stop and contemplate on this it is not hard to see that if we are constantly bombarding our mind with self deprecating thoughts how we can ever be motivated to make permanent changes.  When we do make changes through wilful perseverance we often end up with the same negative thoughts and end right back to unhealthy practices. 

We understand that children blossom with positive reinforcement.  We forget that this is true for all of us.  The best and surest way to make changes in our lives is to fill up with gratitude and appreciation for the bodies we have in this moment.  Our bodies are amazing, most of us have the ability to touch, see, smell, hear, taste.  Even when some of these senses are lost our bodies have an incredible ability to adapt and increase the other senses.

Whether we are 400lbs or 100lbs, no matter who we see in the mirror when we reinforce our own thoughts of being worthy of healthier choices this will increase our joy and passion for life. Therefore we will shift in the way we take care of our bodies.  When we do we give all those around us the same message. 

It is time to be a mirror for this next generation that our bodies are sacred and worthy of acceptance and healthier choices, we can begin with changing our thoughts about ourselves and others.   We are truly guided by our mind.  

What thought can you change today about your body?

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