Do you really want to make changes in your life? What are your excuses today not to?

Simple little question’s or are they?  Excuses are great friends when we don’t want to follow through with things we are committed to do, either to others and mostly to ourselves.  Or are they like that friend we keep staying in touch with that we have long out grown because they are familiar.  

Excuses are the very thing that can create a distortion on our path. They give us permission to give up or give in to the lower version of ourselves.  You know the one, the part of us that is only half alive and just barely getting through each day.   We all claim to have aspirations yet we continually put obstacles in the way.  

Until we are willing to see our excuses for what they are we will continue to get more of the same. Then of course we can have the excuse that life just keeps feeding us all this crap and of course how can we move forward!  🙂

I invite us to stop today and look when we hear ourselves coming up with an excuse, what ever it is, why we are not getting enough sleep, not eating the right food, why we keep procrastinating getting that important work done or why we have not followed through with that dream that has been calling to us for a long long time.

Ask yourself today “Do I really want to make changes in my life?”

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