A love letter from God.”My beloved daughter”

Today’s Blog entry is a poem that I wrote a few years ago and I felt once again it was time to share it.  This is for all women.  This is an invitation to remember who we are.  Although for me I call my higher power God this is intended for everyone what ever your spiritual path is and how ever you experiance your higher power.

“My beloved daughter, on the day you were born all of heaven rejoiced for another little girl was placed on the earth.  Your tiny cry was only a glimce of the glory you hold inside.  Your eyes are filled with all the glory of the ages for when you were conceived I kissed your soul and placed in your heart all the wisdom and graces that you will need in life.  My kiss is your protection for your sacrededness cannot be harmed in any way.  Inside your tiny body houses the information to grow and blossom into a princess and then into a queen.  Your body, mind and soul are of my creation , you are as perfect today as you were on the day of your birth.    I grieve when the world forgets your sacrededness; the cost of free will can sometimes be painful.  Although there will be times when even you forget at the hands of others how precious you are,  remember my beloved this world needs your sacred essence, and no one here on the earth can ever harm your soul.  This belongs to me and my kiss can heal all wounds no matter how deep.  Love is the answer and although at times love seems so distant or not even possible, it is only because it has been forgotten by the woundedness of this world.  There is a way to remember for inside your precious sacred body and mind lies the answers.  Be still and remember, be still and ask, be still and listen, be still and believe, be still and honour your temple, be still and honour your essence, be still and know that I am here.  In the stillness you can remember my kiss and be filled with the healing power of my creation.  I knew you before you were even conceived and I have placed you on this earth for a reason.  My beloved your feminine power is strong and passionate and has the ability to heal the world.  I created both male and female in my image and both are needed to fulfill the healing mission of this world.  Your sacred feminine has been lost and now is the time to reclaim and stand in the truth of who you are, a women, a queen, a healer and a true lover to all.  Together both as kings and queens you can evolve into the essence of love that can reach all corners of the earth and bring the message of forgiveness and love.  But first my beloved it begins with you.  Remember my Kiss

Much love God.” 

Divinely inspired, Written by Joyce Boudreau.   www.sacredsharing.ca

This poem inspired me to write my memoir that I call “Beloved Daughter”.  The book is about my 50 year journey to find value in myself as a women after suffering abuse as a child. I call this my shadow journey. Most importantly it is a transformational story which I was able to change my story into a celebration of life. My intention for writing this is to share the amazing way in which we all can truly close the door on our past and find lasting forgiveness. This book is available in electronic eBook form.  I also have a private FB page for those of you who would like to share or discuss the book.  Let me know and I will send you an invitation.  joyce@sacredsharing.ca.  Click below to purchase.


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2 Responses to A love letter from God.”My beloved daughter”

  1. Lisa says:

    This is a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this. It reminds me today of my need to be still and listen. And most importantly reminds me of the sacred self that exists within me which I must give space to honor.

    • You are most welcome Lisa. When I wrote this it was for that very purpose to help me to remember. I still need to be reminded from time to time and sharing helps us be that mirror for each other.

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