Are you excited to get up in the morning?

I have many things that create joy and excitement in me, spending time with loved ones, hearing my grandchildren’s giggle, coaching, gardening, yoga, qigong, walking, dancing, writing, cooking and eating great food and lately wild crafting! 

This was not always the case however.  There was a time when I was caught up in life’s craziness and also the many resentment of my past.   I was so concentrated on doing, doing and more doing that I never understood “being”.  I understand that a lot of us love our distractions and our resentments.  Yes for the most part we love our resentments.  For if we can resent someone, whether it a partner, a co-worker, our boss, a neighbour, some organization or politician we get to play small and stuck.  It is convenient to blame outside ourselves for our unhappiness or discontent.  

Life is full of challenges, and sometimes they are heavy for sure, even those times have beauty when we choose to surround ourselves with love and support by reaching out.  For today though I am referring to everyday life when we are constantly complaining about all the reasons why we cannot be excited!

It begins with a grateful and forgiving heart then we can see life differently! It is amazing how much energy can free up when we do!

Find something to get excited about, a child’s smile, a sunset, that fact you can breathe!  Do that “thing” you have wanted to do forever!  Choose to look at people differently today, open your heart and see they all have a story, we all do and drama is most often self induced and not necessary.  Find ways to breathe into today’s challenges and be thankful for an opportunity for the choice to look at them differently!  

Choose to get excited about your life! Yes it is a choice! What is your choice?

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