What are our feelings trying to teach us?

 I really find this past week so interesting.  Although I must admit I watched 2 TV shows one afternoon, for the rest of the week the silence began to work its magic.  I squirmed and struggled with all the thoughts and feelings that went around and around, fear of change, sadness of things I had not wanted to think about in a while and other times excitement of the possibilities of change.   

Feelings are those things that many of us run from.  As we are growing up and on in adulthood things happen and we often teach ourselves not to feel.  That is why so many of us fill our lives with so many distractions, we don’t want to feel.  We have become a nation of anti depressants and addictions of all kinds. 

We don’t want to feel our emotions, yet our feelings can be our greatest allies if we chose to listen.  

Taking a journey into silence creates a flood of thoughts, emotions and feelings.  It becomes an awakening of sorts.  Feeling can become a catalyst for change.  When we embrace them and see them as good no matter what they become our teachers.  When they are allowed to teach us we no longer need to run from them or stay stuck in them.  

The beauty for me is that I feel more alive!  Even though it is hard at times the contrast is amazing and I am feeling a stir inside towards letting go of more of my self induced limitations.

Hardly any distractions have also allotted me time in the evenings for stepping more fully into my passion for herbs.  I have made an Echinacea tincture and a healing salve made from Comfrey, Calendula and Plantain.  How fun!  This has been a life long dream to make my own medicine!  

What can your feelings teach you this week?  Listen, journal and let your feelings tell you what it is you need to hear.

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