Are you willing to give up who you are today for whom it is you want to be tomorrow?

This is not the actual quote for I cannot remember the proper one or who said it, however the message has been burning in my thoughts the past few days!

Willingness is one of those loaded words that are really the key to success in what ever we endeavour to do!  I say loaded for this little word can create such resistance in myself and others.  Somehow it signifies that when we are not where we would like to be in life that we are unwilling!  This little truth is a hard pill to shallow but there it is “Willing”. The key to change!  

I realize with all the work I have done in my own journey, that there is still a part of me holding onto an old new story of who I am.   I am comforted by who I have become; I really love this new reality that I have embraced in myself the past few years. My soul is ready though for something more, much much more and yet I find myself unwilling to give up who I am today for whom I might be.  

The stir in me is so great now though that it is time once again for me to go inward in a very committed and deep way to let go and make way for who I am becoming.  This stir needs much more than my slotted time of silence during my normal day.  

For the next month I am giving up media, TV and radio and at least one day a week have no contact what so ever with anyone.  I call these desert days.  These days even my computer will not be turned on.  I need to focus on my inner world and reconnect also to my body in a focused way.  I feel this stir in me to listen to the stillness without any distractions.  This is still hard for me at first for I like the distractions especially CBC radio :), I am not always comfortable with what comes up in silence that I need to look at but I do know this familiar place is waiting for me once again.  I know that this place although can be uncomfortable gives way to such joy and surrender that in the end I cannot believe I waited so long.   

Today I invite you to find silence and listen to your soul stirrings!  Can you let go of who you are? Are you willing?

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8 Responses to Are you willing to give up who you are today for whom it is you want to be tomorrow?

  1. Marilyn Rowe says:

    My Spirit is in support of your silence – funny that it’s words that inspired that! and, you reminded me of exactly what I was thinking I needed as well. So, As you commit, I commit! Thanks Joyce! To manifesting our Greatness!

    • Thanks dear Marilyn for your support. Yes for sure words are so powerful! This is one of the reasons I write down my thoughts. When I do there is no place to hide. When I see the truth on paper I am better able to make the changes I want.
      I send you lots of love and light with your commitment! Only together can all of us stand in our greatness! 🙂

  2. Joyce, what a beautiful place to be in – silence. Thanks for reminding us all that taking time for such a nurturing practice serves not just us but the entire world around us.
    Love and blessings Linda

  3. Debbie says:

    Interesting post!

  4. Janine Doucette says:

    As usual, your spirit shines, thanks Joyce

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