Inspired and Healed by the Rhythm of Mother Nature.

For over 25 years I have been using mild medicinal herbs for me and my family.  I was lead to their use after both of our sons become very ill as toddlers with asthma.  I read and researched a lot and also switching to a very natural diet of whole foods they became very healthy and remained so.  Back then all natural had a very different connotation then today.  For one thing it was not a fade word and people such as myself were seen as either hippies or granolas.  Which by the way I have an amazing homemade granola I used to make for my family! : )

I have also decided this year to study and collect herbs for my personal use.  Until now I have relied on my Naturopath to purchase and guide me and trust me I still do but I have always wanted to wild craft my own herbs and I have started this spring!  There is no greater healer than what God has given us naturally.  With each passing day I have learned that to heal my body, mind and spirit means to tap into the intuitive nature of Mother Earth and all her abundance.

I love being out doors, nature has always provided me a safe haven to find a bit of peace.  

Living in Nova Scotia provides me with 4 seasons to enjoy.  Each season seems to be such a gift.  The summer is usually a time for me to slow down somewhat and inside I feel nourished with the sights and sounds that surround me.  Fall with its color and crisp air has a feeling for me to reorganize and plan. Fall is a time for me to enjoy the harvest of my veggies and of my life.  It’s so funny for many years I hated winter.  Now that I have learned to accept winter more I feel a kind of stillness set in as the cold air arrives that brings a very deep contemplative feeling that I now love.  And when spring arrives I feel a stir for new growth and creativity!  This is where getting my hands in the earth has always given me a connection that is hard to describe unless you are a gardener!

As I fully step into spring this year I am reminded once again how much we are in rhythm with nature and how our great grandparents knew this on the deepest level.   When we understand just how interconnected we are with the earth we can find inspiration and healing from her beauty and bounty everywhere. 

Please take this time to pray for a quick solution to the oil spill for we all must be much better stewards of our world!   

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