Making Friends with your Fear.

 Fear is one of those words that even sound ominous!  This human reaction to some of life’s more benign circumstances can often be traced to a younger memory when some of us were taught to be afraid of everything.  As children we could interpret this to mean that the world was a scary place. “Don’t touch that you will get hurt” etc.  And of course these things were taught often by loving parents who wanted us to be protected.  Some of us had good reason to be afraid in our childhoods, yet the more I live my life from another filter of faith, fear although has not disappeared from my life seems to have taken on a different light.

Fear is of course one of those emotions that we need especially when our life is in danger, when we get that “gut feeling” that something is not right.  This fear we need to listen to more!  The strange thing is that we listen to that kind of fear less! The fear I am talking about today is another kind, the kind that comes up when we are out of our comfort zone. 

When we think of something we would love to try and just never get around to it for it seems way too different or too difficult! I heard it once said that all of this kind of fear really stems from fear of being embarrassed.  We don’t want to do things that are different for we may fail or look foolish.  This can be so paralyzing so we end up each and every day doing the same things over and over again until we go through our days completely on auto pilot.  We live a cookie cutter life that looks good on the outside but we feel empty on the inside.  

How often have you climbed into bed and can’t really remember the day for it seems like a blur? 

I meet more and more people who are stifled and stuck, frustrated with their lives yet are unwilling to do something different.  We live in a world of the “poor me” syndrome.  Albert Einstein says it best!“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Our body, mind and soul need to be simulated on a daily basis! I have learned better to be embarrassed then to stop trying. I make it a point each and everyday to do something different, and I have discovered that the more I am willing to change the more alive and present I am during the day!  Check in with your fears, are they real or are you just afraid of failing or looking stupid? Dialogue with yourself, a little bit of fear is good before we begin something new!  

It really does not need to be huge, only new and different.  Step out of your box today!   If we are willing to start small then in time change becomes the norm and fear is a friend that you can simply embrace.   

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