We can be our Own Best Friend

Last week I realized I had drifted away from the routine and structure of my days.  There is a real joy working from home but it does come with challenges.  My husband spends a couple of months away at work and this leaves me with time on my hands that would normally be filled with his company.  As a result I find myself floating when he first leaves.  I am conflicted with the excitement of some alone time again and missing him.  So I tend to eat and watch more TV than I like and fall away from exercising regularly.  Because I have come to know my patterns, I then realized that I need to put in structure again and create accountability by reaching out to friends. All these help bring me back to productive days that are much more balanced.

It was a wonderful gift I discovered in being my own best friend. Through journaling and the stillness of prayer and meditation I have come to know and except my inconsistencies and my neurosis as part of who I am.  Just as I would with my close friends I gently remind myself without beating myself up to find a way back to my authentic self.  Because I have spent the time healing and understanding me I now make those adjustments and fall back into those things that nourish my body and soul once again.   I make sure they are structured in everyday when ever possible.  Then every part of my life becomes in balance once again.  I stay present to my day and find I am so much more productive and energized!

These are some of my favorite things to do. Being still in prayer, going out doors early mornings and doing Qigong barefoot.  Walking in mother nature and let her teach me patients and kindness with metaphors, stretching my body with yoga and eating nourishing food!  Going in my hothouse and tending my plants. Listening to my body! I have lunch with friends and every now in then I create a beautiful ritual eating a meal alone with fresh flowers and setting the table with my favourite dishes!  Even cooking meals for myself can take on a sacred and holy feel. 

These things remind me once again that because the Dvine is in us and all around us that we have all the love we will ever need inside. We can be our own best friend by taking good care of ourselves and only when we learn this lesson are we truely capable of loving, giving and supporting others with great joy and balance!

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