The Wisdom of our Bodies

  On Debbie Ford has a 6 Week Breakthrough Plan people can sign up for free.

The first week is “Food/Body Image”.  This is an area in my life that comes with great healing and on going life lessons.

My food addiction for most of my life was my “enemy” until I uncovered the gold in this addiction through shadow work. My gold was the capacity to survive a very volatile early childhood. Eating was a way that I could escape the pain and still go through day to day coping with what seem to me as a crazy mixture of love and violence from my dad.  One of my core Shadows beliefs born from my childhood was the world was not safe.  My overeating was a way to suppress this Shadow. Later on as an adult with a lot of mistrust and rage crammed inside I ballooned up over 310lbs.

Thankfully my gold was that food enabled me to numb the rage. In doing so it kept me from projecting alot of pain onto others until I finally was able to unravel, process and release it.  My inner child never felt safe so this sweet aspect of myself found a way to survive through food.   Now I am learning to feel safe in this world as I learn to love and listen to my deepest feelings. .

I have come to love my body more each day and enjoy being in it. This sounds funny in away but for most of my adult life I did not live in my body. Each and every day I am learning to listen to my body. This is new for me, I ignored, made wrong, and abused my beautiful body by stuffing it with way to much food because I needed to!

I find it interesting when I hear people still say “My body let me down”.  I now know it was the other way around.  I realize it is my responsibility to love and care for these vulnerable Shadow aspects of myself so that I can be present to my body and give it the nourishment is deserves.

Our amazing bodies have incredible resilience; we are so divinely made for health and wellness! Compassion and forgiveness for ourselves is the key to unlock the gold! Learn to be still and listen. Our bodies have much to teach us! Our bodies are powerhouses of wisdom and insights. This week the message from my body is “I am your friend, treat me accordingly”.

This after a binge on chips and dip came as a wonderful reminder that I still can fall into my addiction to numbing my stress but I now have the tools to hear what my body has to say! I have lost over 80lbs now, it has been a 4 year journey, one that I still am on and understand more than ever that the answers are inside, the place where a lot of us least like to be.

My inner world has now become my home, yes I still run away from time to time, but I finally have made a permanent path of love, compassion and self-love that lights my way back home to grace.

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2 Responses to The Wisdom of our Bodies

  1. Ellen says:

    Joyce .. so happy that you have come to terms with your body and learned to see it as your friend. I too have always struggled with weight issues and exercise a lot to keep it in check. What I have learned from the exercise is that it makes me feel great and now I do it for my mind as much as my body and no longer keep a constant watch on the scales. Great to see your new site and will keep a watch on it to see what words of wisdom you have to offer. Thanks so much, Ellen

    • Thanks Ellen you are so sweet, As shadow work is , it is always a process in action with no destation here on earth but I am forever thankful that I have the tools and love to continue the journey!
      We are all here on this journey together and its wonderful to have each other along the way!

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